Where ?

The beautiful São Miguel do Gostoso is located at the very eastern point of Brazil. The transfer from the airport in Natal takes just 1,5 hours by car. Gostoso is partwise developed for tourism but still keeps the native flair of a chilled and calm lifestyle. Beside a huge diversity of bars and restaurants you find 3 big kite- and surfhubs along the endless white beaches. Our cosy, quiet bungalows are located 400m off downtown Gostoso and it is a 600m walk to the beach. At the most windward site on the beach “Ponto do Santo Cristo” you`ll find the biggest watersport center “Dr. Wind”. A little more downwind is Remi, a station focused on kitesurfing. The “Clube Kauli Seadi” is the most downwind center and close to downtown. Kauli offers the latest equipment for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The wind blows from the beginning of October until mid March with a good intensity and a matchless probability with 5-7 Beuafort sideshore from the right hand side. Tradewinds kick in at 10 AM and slow down around 5 PM. Before and after the wind is a bit lighter and coming side offshore from the right hand side and is therefore a bit gusty. Gostoso is a very versatile Kite- and Windsurfspot, which was recently discovered by many pro-surfers in preparation for the events. The north swells produce a 2m-3m rippable wave. You will always find a descent wave in front of “Dr Wind”, which can be mast high on good swells. On low tide there is a huge shallow area with flat water, perfect for freestyling or teaching the basics of windsurfing. The waters of Gostoso are a perfect freeride spot. After the succesfull surf session you can either enjoy a sundowner under the cashewtree or fan out into the busy village of Gostoso.